India Seeks Apple’s Aid to Unlock iPhone

As part of the ongoing investigation related to the chief minister of the Indian city, Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal, employees of the Executive Directorate of India (Directorate of Enforcement, ED) who specialize in the fight against economic crimes, sought Apple’s help to access the iPhone of the suspect.

Kejriwal, who has been in custody for more than a week, is accused of money laundering under the new Indian policy in the field of alcohol. Local media reports suggest that the embezzled funds were used to finance his party’s election campaign.

According to sources, ED employees have not found significant electronic evidence against Kejriwal in the form of personal computers or laptops. However, four mobile phones, including the iPhone, were confiscated as part of the investigation.

The politician has refused to provide the password for the device, claiming that access to the data would reveal information to the ED about his party’s election strategy and alliances. He also stated that the phone in question was only used by him for about a year and that the device he used during the development of the alcohol policy in 2020-2021 is no longer in his possession.

High-ranking officials have stated that Kejriwal undergoes daily interrogations lasting approximately five hours, during which he has not disclosed the password to the investigators. ED is considering requesting an extension of his detention by another four days, failing which they will seek his remand under court custody.

Sources indicate that ED officials have officially reached out to Apple to access the iPhone, but the tech giant has declined to assist, citing the need for a password to retrieve any data.

Kejriwal denies the accusations that he was the main individual responsible for financing the party, asserting that he has limited knowledge about its financial affairs and the funding mechanisms involved.

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