NETBSD 10.0 Optimized for X86/Aarch64, ARM Sync

NetBSD netbsd, has announced the availability of their 10.0 version, which brings many improvements in productivity, safety, and equipment support. This release aims to make NetBSD 10.0 faster and more reliable, especially on multiprocessor and multi-core systems.

Key innovations in NetBSD 10.0 include improved performance and scalability, optimizations in the planner and virtual memory systems, enhanced support for equipment with new drivers and improvements to existing ones, optimization for architectures X86 and AARCH64, support for security technologies like Wireguard VPN tunnels, accelerated cryptographic encryption, and support for new security functions ARMV8-A.

Regarding virtualization, NetBSD 10.0 offers enhancements for Xen and Hyperv, improvements for Virtio drivers and NetBSD Virtual Machine Monitor (NVMM), as well as network stack improvements for IPV6 and virtual Ethernet interfaces.

The update also brings improvements in file systems and storage, new programs in the user space, and enhanced existing utilities. NetBSD 10.0 includes updates for new processors, ARM payments and devices, synchronization of graphic drivers with Linux, and updates to third-party components such as GCC, Opensl, Server, emphasizing the system’s updated and improved nature.

Users can update to NetBSD 10.0 through start-up images with an update option, or other renewal methods such as updating the nucleus and modules. It is important to follow the instructions for updating and be aware of changes in the system’s behavior when transitioning from previous versions.

NetBSD 10.0 is dedicated to Ryo Simizu’s memory, a contributor whose work was invaluable to the NetBSD project and community. The project expresses gratitude to all contributors for their support and promotion of the operating system.

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