The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of India announced the liberation of about 250 Indian citizens who were victims of fraudulent Internet schemes in Cambodia. This operation was made possible through close cooperation with Cambodian authorities, with 75 of the released individuals already returning to India.

According to the ministry, criminal agents, often linked to Chinese companies, are targeting residents of Southern and Southeast Asia by offering them jobs in the information technology sector. However, these individuals are ultimately coerced into working at cyber fraud centers, where they are forced to carry out illegal online and telephone operations.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs statement highlighted the active role of the Indian Embassy in Cambodia in responding to complaints from affected citizens. Indian authorities are working closely with Cambodian law enforcement agencies to crack down on the organizers of these fraudulent schemes.

Earlier this year, the Cybercrime Council Coordination Center (I4C) and the Ministry of the Interior reported that a significant portion of the daily calls received on their cybercrime hotline were related to fraudulent activities involving companies in Cambodia, Myanmar, and China.

Both the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Indian Embassy have issued warnings to job seekers, cautioning them to be wary of offers from dubious agents and to only engage with individuals accredited by the Ministry.

Police in various Indian states, including Odisha, Punjab, and Kerala, have made arrests in connection with these cases. While acknowledging that there may be more victims, the authorities are prioritizing assistance to those who have sought help from the Indian Embassy abroad and those who have been rescued by local law enforcement.

Just last month, a similar rescue operation was conducted by the Philippine police, where they freed 875 individuals from a fraudulent network. These victims were held captive by criminals in horrific conditions, facing physical abuse, food and sleep deprivation, and even torture to compel their compliance.

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