The development of the ONTL library for the Linux operating system is progressing gradually. The ONTL project aims to implement the standard libraries of C++11 for creating executable files in the Linux userspace as well as the Windows OS kernel. However, the use of C++ in the Linux kernel goes against the established tradition.

A portion of the Si functions has been moved to a new library, with the addition of some POSIX system calls. The author’s interpreter is assembled using Refal-m and stored as a statically linked file in ELF format. The static assembly is achieved using the GCC 13 and Clang 17 compilers for the AMD64 architecture and the Linux 6.6 kernel.

One of the project’s objectives is to create documentation in Russian that accurately reflects the language standard. The initial texts are released under a License that consists of a single item: “Fac Officium, Deus Providebit”.

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