Firefox Update 124.0.2 Introduces Vertical Tab Panel

Firefox 124.0.2 Release Notes

Available Correcting release Firefox 124.0.2, which proposes the following corrections:

  • Eliminated emergency completion linux assembly for architecture Aarch64. Source
  • Resolved problem with the loading of web pages and emergency completion of processes with tabs with test assemblies Ubuntu 24.04, which arose due to changes to the default apparum apparmor. Source
  • Resolved problem with the impossibility of recovering from a backup of bookmarks, manifested in configurations with a large number of bookings. Source
  • Fixed errors, which led to an empty contents when opening windows or emergency completion during video reproduction from sites like Netflix. Source

Changes to be Implemented in Firefox 126

You can additionally note Changes tested in nightly Firefox, based on which Firefox 126 will be formed:

  • A separate night assembly is proposed larch, in which first testing of the side panel and the possibility of vertical placement of the lining list. The lateral panel can be displayed as in the deployed and in a way. If desired, you can leave the tabs only in the side panel, turning off the top panel of the tabs. The transfer of the horizontal line of tabs to the side panel allows you to highlight an additional screen space to view the contents of the sites. Source
  • The testing of the containers of tabs began to visually combine several tabs of similar topics. For users who are accustomed to keep a large number of open tabs, the grouping function will significantly increase
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