At the opening of the Beneficial Agi Summit in Panama on February 27, Ben Herzel, the founder of Singularitynet and a key figure in promoting the concept of general artificial intelligence (AGI), expressed confidence that the early prototype of the AGI system may begin to work next year. Herzel presented a detailed AGI development plan, with a focus on ensuring that the technology serves the interests of mankind and is not controlled by large corporations or states.

AGI is a theoretical model of artificial intelligence capable of performing any intellectual task that a person can. To achieve this goal, Herzel outlined several key directions: development based on open-source code, use of decentralized infrastructure and management systems, creation of open cognitive architecture, use of various AGI algorithms, data management based on ethical principles, as well as involving participants from around the world.

In an interview with Cointelegraph, Herzel emphasized that the proposed plan is based on the entire activity of the Singularitynet ecosystem. “We create decentralized infrastructures of artificial intelligence which do not depend on what approach you want to use,” he said, highlighting the goal of enabling contributions from individuals worldwide.

Herzel specifically pointed out the Opencog Hyperon project as a potential platform for achieving AGI. The alpha version of Hyperon is expected to be released in April and will serve as a proto-AGI, providing developers with a tool for creating advanced systems. Opencog, founded by Gercez in 2008 and associated with Singularitynet, will utilize a special programming language called Metta for Hyperon Alpha, allowing open-source developers to write high-quality code for various AI applications.

Regarding whether the alpha release will lead to a full AGI, Herzel confirmed, “We will have a complete set of tools for creating a children’s AGI.” He mentioned the need to accelerate the system’s scale by the end of the year to achieve what he referred to as the “baby AGI.” Herzel predicted that by the beginning of 2025, an AGI child may be developed, which he likened to an embryonic AGI. Hyperon is described as a “framework for AGI at the human level and above,” incorporating cutting-edge ideas, software, and technology.

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