300,000 Anycubic 3D Printers Hacked

Recent reports on the online platform Reddit indicate that internet-connected ANYC 3D printers have been targeted in a hacking incident. The hackers, identified as White Hat hackers, breached the printers to alert users about a critical security flaw in the devices. The hackers uploaded a file named “hacked_machine_readme.gcode” onto the printers, usually containing printing instructions, along with a message warning users about the vulnerability.

The vulnerability, as revealed by the hackers, allows potential attackers to take control of the 3D printers through the API MQTT service of Anycubic, enabling them to reboot the printers, change settings, and introduce malicious scripts. The message also urges Anycubic to make their printers’ software open-source to address these security flaws.

The text file left on the compromised devices states, “Your device has a critical vulnerability that poses a significant threat to your safety. It is recommended to immediately take measures to prevent the possible exploitation of this vulnerability.” The White Hat hackers advised users who received this warning to disconnect their printers from the internet until the security issues are resolved by the company.

Initially, it was reported that around 293,463 printers were affected by the hack. However, the White Hat hacker later clarified in a Reddit discussion thread that multiple messages could have been sent to the same printer, indicating a lower number of affected devices, possibly in the thousands rather than hundreds of thousands.

In response to the hacking incident, the Anycubic application ceased to function, displaying an error message stating, “The network is not available.” This action suggests that the company may have disabled network functions temporarily. Nonetheless, the White Hat hacker claimed to have contacted Anycubic directly to provide details of the security vulnerability, indicating that a solution may be forthcoming.

Anycubic, established in Shenzhen, China in 2015, is a renowned brand in the 3D printer market, with a customer base spanning over 120 countries and more than 3 million printers sold worldwide.

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