Unitree Unveils Dancing, Jumping, Fast-Running Humanoid Robot

Unitree Robotics from China announced a new world speed record for its H1 humanoid robot. At the recently published video, a two-legged robot developed a speed of 3.3 meters per second (11.9 km/h or 7.4 miles/h), showcasing its impressive capabilities.

The H1 robot was first introduced in December last year, marking the company’s entrance into humanoid robotics after previously focusing on robot-quadrocopters resembling dogs.

The initial version of H1 stands at a height of 1.805 mm, weighing approximately 47 kg and able to carry loads of up to 30 kg. With five degrees of freedom in each leg and four degrees of freedom in each hand, the robot demonstrates advanced flexibility and mobility.

Equipped with an Intel Realsense D435I depth camera and a Lidar Livox Mid360 module on its head for 360-degree environmental imaging, the H1 robot processes real-time data using two Intel Core i7-1265U microprocessors.

The latest version of H1, demonstrated in the published video as Evolution V3.0, achieved a new world speed record of 3.3 m/s for a full-sized humanoid robot. This surpasses previous records set by robots like Agility Robotics Cassie, highlighting H1’s remarkable capabilities.

In addition to its speed, the H1 robot showcased in the video displays dancing skills, stair-climbing abilities, rotations, and impressive jumping heights comparable to a person’s stature.

The use of their own production M107 electric motors for leg movements allows H1 to perform powerful jumps without the bulkiness and leaks associated with hydraulic actuators, setting a new standard in humanoid robot design.

If you’re interested in purchasing an H1 robot, be prepared to wait between three to ten years and invest $90,000 USD for this cutting-edge technology.

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