Huawei Magnetoelectric Discs to Dominate Data Storage Market

At the recently completed Mobile World Congress 2024 exhibition in Barcelona, a representative of Huawei, Dr. Peter Zhou, made an exciting announcement regarding a groundbreaking new product in the realm of data storage.

Zhou revealed that Huawei’s innovative magnetic disk technology, known as med disk, will revolutionize data storage by reducing connection costs compared to tape drives used in large data centers and decreasing energy consumption when compared to traditional hard drives.

This next-generation magnetic media drive, developed by Huawei in China, boasts a massive storage capacity. The company projects that a single rack fully equipped with these magnetic disks will offer over 10 petabytes of virtual space while consuming less than 2 kW of energy. This new solution outshines current offerings in both storage capacity and energy efficiency.

The magnetic disk, set to hit the market under the codename Oceanstor Arctic in the first half of 2025, is being positioned by Huawei as a top choice for AI Data Centers due to its high performance and low energy consumption. However, the drive can also be utilized for basic data storage purposes.

This advancement from the Chinese tech giant Huawei opens up new possibilities for the AI industry and management of large data sets. This development is expected to positively influence global technological progress, fostering new avenues for scientific discoveries and innovations across various fields.

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