Windows Users Complain Over Installing Latest Security Patch

Windows users encountered a problem while installing security updates on February 13, known as PATCH TUSDAY. Microsoft has confirmed that there are difficulties that can cause the installation process to fail 96% of the time. When this happens, a message appears on the screen indicating an unsuccessful attempt and an automatic rollback of changes.

Issues with the update KB5034765 were reported by users immediately after its release, but Microsoft only acknowledged the problem officially recently on their Windows Release Health portal, which monitors the state of operating system issues.

Both supported versions of the operating system, Windows 11 (23H2) and Windows 10 (22H2), have been affected by this problem. The specific reason for these issues has not been disclosed by Microsoft. As a temporary solution, Microsoft has recommended removing the hidden folder “C: $ Winreagent” to help complete the update installation successfully.

Microsoft is currently working on a permanent solution to prevent such problems in the future without requiring manual deletion of system folders.

Users of Windows have been facing similar issues with system updates regularly. In January of this year, manual intervention was required for successful updates to Windows 10 due to errors in the Windows (Winre) recovery environment.

Despite the challenges, it is important to note that the KB5034765 update is crucial for system security, and it is still recommended to install it, even if additional manual steps are needed.

In addition to improvements for Copilot in KB5034765, the update includes fixes for various vulnerabilities, such as CVE-2024-21412, which allows attackers to launch an attack on vulnerable computers using a malicious Yarlyk file without passing security checks.

Although such malfunctions occur from time to time, Microsoft is actively working to resolve them and ensure the smooth and secure operation of their operating systems. Regularly updating the OS and programs is essential for digital security in today’s technology landscape.

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