A hacker group known as Mogilevich recently claimed to have hacked the servers of Epic Games, a prominent developer responsible for popular games like Fortnite, Unreal Tournament, and GEARS of WAR, as well as the Unreal Engine game engine. The announcement of the hacking incident was made on February 27 by the group on the Darknet, revealing that they had allegedly obtained 189 gigabytes of confidential data from the company.

The stolen data reportedly includes personal information of users such as email addresses, passwords, names, payment details, as well as source code of some of the company’s products. The group has put all this data up for sale, marking Epic Games as their fourth victim after targeting other companies previously.

Mogilevich, a relatively new extortion group, first emerged on February 20 with data stolen from Infinity USA, a Nissan subsidiary. The group has not specified the ransom amount for the data stolen from Epic Games, with a deadline set for March 4. Unlike previous cases, the group did not provide any evidence of the hacking.

As of now, Epic Games, a global company with offices worldwide, has not issued a statement regarding the hacking incident. Interestingly, a similar attack was carried out on Insomniac Games, a video game developer in the same industry, resulting in the theft of 1.7 TB of confidential data, including an early build of Spider-Man 2 for PS5.

Cybersecurity experts are closely monitoring the activities of the Mogilevich group in an attempt to build a comprehensive profile of these attackers. It is anticipated that there might be more large-scale hacks from this extortion group in the future.

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