Zentyal 8.0 Server Distribution Release

Three years after the release of Zentyal 8.0, a server Linux distribution designed for medium and small businesses, a new version has been published. Zentyal 8.0 is built on the Ubuntu 22.04 LTS package base and is positioned as an alternative to Windows Server. It includes components for replacing Microsoft Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange Server services. The ISO image for the distribution is 2.9 GB in size. The commercial edition is available separately, while Zentyal components can be accessed by Ubuntu users through the standard Universe repository.

All functions of the distribution are managed through a web interface that integrates around 40 modules for network management, network services, office servers, and enterprise infrastructure components. This includes capabilities for gateway organization, mail, VOIP (Asterisk), VPN servers, proxy (Squid), file servers, systems for employee interaction, monitoring, backup servers, network security systems, user entry systems through Captive Portal, and more. Each module is ready to use immediately after installation, and configuration is done through wizard systems without the need for manual editing of configuration files.

The new version of Zentyal 8.0 includes:

  • Transition to Ubuntu package base 04/23/3 LTS.
  • Upgrade of the Domain and Service controller Active Directory to Samba 4.15.13.
  • Migration from IFUPDown to NetPlan for network interface configuration.
  • Addition of Docker container deployment module.
  • Introduction of a web server operation module.
  • Update of the group work package Sogo to version 5.5.1, supporting IMAP, Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, Caldav, and Carddav.
  • Replacement of Quagga routing protocols in the OpenVPN module with the Frr package.
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