New Contraception for Men: Risky Experiment or Breakthrough?

Scientists of the Institute of Biological Research of Solol in the United States have made a significant breakthrough in male contraception studies, having developed a new method that does not affect hormones and is reversible. The method is aimed at stopping sperm production and does not lead to a decrease in libido.

At the basis of the operation of the protein complex that regulates the expression of genes necessary for the production of sperm. Introducing mice to males the existing class of drugs called HDAC inhibitors (histone deacetylases), they destroy this complex, which leads to temporary infertility without affecting libido. According to scientists, the development opens a promising path to non-hormonal and reversible male contraception.

Despite the presence of many methods of contraception for women, men are still limited in choosing contraceptives, which emphasizes the need to develop new, more effective, and affordable methods of male contraception.

Note that in the UK already a non-hormonal contraceptive tablet for men acting by blocking the access of vitamin A to sperm, which is also aimed at stopping their production.

The study is based on an understanding of the process of spermatogenesis, during which spermatozoa develops from stem cells under the influence of retinoic acid, vitamin A. Instead of blocking the effect of retinoic acid, which previously led to undesirable side effects due to its importance for various organs, scientists proposed to regulate molecules located downstream in this chain, which allowed to achieve the desired effect.

The MS-275 drug, used in the experiments, showed that the fertility of mice is completely restored within 60 days after the cessation of treatment, without visible negative consequences for the health or behavior of animals. The discovery gives hope for the creation of a male contraceptive, which will be both effective and safe for long-term use.

This approach to contraception can become revolutionary, offering men a more reliable and convenient way to control their reproductive function without the need to resort to radical measures, such as vasectomy, or to deal with the risk of unwanted pregnancy of a partner due to the unreliability of other contraceptive funds, for example condoms.

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