GCompris 4.0 Released For Kids Aged 2-10

GCompris has recently presented the release of GCompris 4.0, a free training center designed for children of preschool and primary school age. This educational package offers 190 mini-lessons and modules, ranging from basic graphic editing and puzzles to keyboard tutorials, math exercises, geography lessons, and reading activities. GCompris is built using the QT library and is actively developed by the KDE community. It is available for download on various platforms like Linux, macOS, Windows, Raspberry Pi, and Android.

  • In the latest version of GCompris 4.0, the following updates have been made:
    • After almost nine years of development, improvements have been made to enhance all graphics within the program.
    • 8 new lessons have been added, bringing the total number of lessons to 190. The new lessons include:
      • “Grammar classes” and “grammatical analysis” – aimed at developing the skill of determining the grammatical classes of words.
      • “Calcudoku” – an arithmetic game that requires filling a grid with numbers according to specific rules.
      • “Guess 24” – a game where players need to reach the number 24 using 4 numbers and provided operations.
      • “Frizl” – a memory training game that involves repeating the sequence of figures.
      • “Reading the ruler” and “Using the line” – exercises to enhance the ability to locate values on a division line.
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