According to the results of a recent open software survey conducted by Intel, several key issues were highlighted by participants. 45% of respondents noted burnout among developers, 41% cited problems with documentation quality and availability, 37% emphasized the importance of maintaining sustainable development, 32% mentioned organizing community interactions, 31% pointed to insufficient funding, 30% highlighted technical debt accumulation, and 27% mentioned quality control.

When asked about the most significant aspects of open software, 46% of participants mentioned licenses for the code, 17% highlighted the friendly nature of the community, 14% appreciated the responsiveness of developers, and 11% focused on development activity.

When it comes to the most interesting open projects, 80% of respondents mentioned the Linux kernel, 42% named RUST, 38% mentioned LLVM/Clang, 35% cited GCC, 24% highlighted Kubernetes, 17% mentioned Pytorch, and 15% referenced EBPF.

Furthermore, 82% of participants emphasized the importance of developing artificial intelligence technologies within open projects.

The survey also revealed that 30% of respondents are actively involved in the development of open projects more than once a week, 21% contribute several times a month, and 20% engage multiple times a year.

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