Lighttpd 1.4.74 Released

LightTPD, a web server software, is designed to combine high performance, safety, compliance with standards, and flexibility of configuration. It is suitable for use on highly loaded systems with low CPU memory and resources. The project code is written in the SI language and spreads under the BSD license.

In the new version:

  • The behavior has been changed while maintaining data in the log using Syslog by allowing the parameter “Server.errorlog-use-syslog = ‘Enable'”. Previously, all messages were sent only with the priority of Log_error, but now the priority is selected depending on the type of message (Log_warning, log_debug).
  • In systems with the SI library Musl, the use of the Sendfile() call is ensured.
  • The “Dir-listing.sort” option is added to the module mod_dirlisting to determine the output sorting.
  • The setting “Deflate.allowed-encodings” is included in Mod_deflate, with the BZIP2 algorithm being given the lowest priority of choice.
  • The support of the operators “If”, “Elif”, “Elsif”, “Elseif” and “Else if” is added to the configuration file.
  • In Mod_openssl and Mod_GNUTLS, support for checking the implementation of TLS on Linux (KTLS nucleus) is added.
  • Compatibility with the operating system Dragonflybsd is ensured.

In the upcoming release, there are plans to make several changes that may affect compatibility. Default plans include implementing a more secure set of ciphers for TLS with protection against compromise of sessions in case of interception of long-term keys (forward secrecy) and using authenticated encryption (Aead). The current set “EECDH+Aesgcm: AES256+EECDH: Chacha20:! Sha1:! Sha256:! Sha384” is set to be replaced with “eecdh+aesgcm: chacha20:! Psk:! Dhe”.

Another future compatibility change will involve altering the Mod_redirect used for HTTP/1.1 Redirect code from 301 (Moved Permanently) to 308 (Permanent Redirect) if the parameter “Url.Redirect-Code” is not explicitly set. Additionally, by 2025, the default version of TLS will be updated to TLSV1.3 (with the

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