Cyberspies Strike Fear in China: Unknown Attacker?

China’s authorities expressed anxiety regarding the strengthening of the activity of foreign cyberspions, which aimed at critical industries and companies in the country. China warned of a serious threat to the information and network security of a national scale due to leaks of data caused by targeted hackers attacks.

It is noted that attackers abroad are actively exploring the networks in search of incorporate vulnerabilities to penetrate the systems and seize important information. An example is a case with an enterprise engaged in military-citizenship integration, where, due to untimely updating by hackers, they were able to implement harmful software and steal data on production and clients. The attack led to serious damage to the development of military equipment and technologies, having risk the country’s military and technological security.

In another case, a large state enterprise became a victim of cybercriminals who used network equipment not clogged after testing to access the system and theft of the most important data affecting the welfare of the China population.

The Ministry also pointed out the vulnerability of the supplier companies and IT personnel with administrative rights. In one of the cases, foreign spies attacked the computer of an email operator who had the habit of writing passwords on a computer, which allowed attackers to access internal correspondence of thousands of operators of systems related to key objects.

Earlier, the Ministry has already warned about attempts by foreign intelligence masking under software developers, to implement malicious programs for obtaining data from the sphere of national defense and high-tech enterprises.

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