Free5GC 3.4.0 Released, Open 5G Network Components

published The new issue of the project Free5GC 3.4.0 , developing the open implementation of the components of the support network 5G (5GC), which meet the requirements of the specification 3GPP Release 15 (R15). The project is being developed at the National University of Jiaotun with the support of the ministries of education, science and economy of China. The code is written in Go and is distributed under the license Apache 2.0.

Among changes in version 3.4.0:

  • In the implementation of SBA (Service-Based Architecture), support for the OUute authorization protocol, which can be used in all available services (AMF, SMF, NRF, UDR, UDM, AUSF, NSSF) for validation and a request for access token. In the NRF (Network Repository Function) component, the ability to work as an authorization server.
  • Added support of a clear cessation of registration. For example, a user mobile device (UE, user Equipment), registered in the old AMF (Access Management Function), can send a registration request to the new AMF, and this new AMF may request an old AMF stop registering.
  • Added support for requests for changing routing (“NAS Reroute”).
  • In the Configuration Update renewal team, support for the mechanism of nitz (Network Identiy and Time Zone) for transfer User device is information about time and time zone.

From other technologies for deploying 5G mobile networks, you can note the projects nextepc , Openair , magma , Open5gs , Open5gcore , OAI-CN and srsran .

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