Linux 6.8 Fixes Serious Problems in Bcachefs

In the latest release of the Linux kernel, version 6.7, the bcachefs file system encountered two serious issues that have been discovered and addressed as part of the preparations for the kernel 6.8 release. These problems have been identified and resolved, and the corrections will be included in the 6.8-RC4 update.

The first problem involves the malfunctioning of locks when working with directories. This issue caused the first attempt to remove nonexistent subsections (subvolume) to terminate, while the second attempt would result in freezing due to an inexplicable lock abandonment.

The second problem involves a race condition that occurs when closing files, which could lead to the premature termination of a kernel thread. These issues have been found in all versions of Bcachefs, starting from the original Pull Causion in kernel 6.7. In light of the seriousness of these problems, a proposed patch has been put forth for the stable branch of the kernel, specifically version 6.7.

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