Mozilla Corporation CEO Mitchell Baker Resigns

Mitchell Baker announced about leaving the position of CEO of Mozilla Corporation, a role she has held since 2020. However, Baker will continue to serve as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mozilla Corporation. This move is motivated by a desire to separate the management of the business from the mission of Mozilla. The new CEO will focus on promoting successful products aligned with Mozilla’s mission and developing platforms that foster growth.

Baker has been with the Mozilla team for 25 years, since her time at Netscape Communications. She previously led Netscape’s unit responsible for coordinating the open-source Mozilla project and after her departure from Netscape, continued to work as a volunteer, eventually founding the Mozilla Foundation. Baker is also the author of the Mozilla Public License and a leader within the Mozilla Foundation.

Replacing Baker as CEO at the end of the year will be Laura Chambers, who currently serves on the audit commission and the board of directors. Chambers is the CEO of Willow Innovates and is known as the inventor of the world’s first silent milk jacket. Prior to her role at Willow Innovates, Chambers held senior positions at Airbnb, Ebay, PayPal, and Skype.

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