Fheroes2 Launches Open-Source Heroes of Might and Magic 2 Engine 9 February

Available: The project Fheroes2 1.0.12 has been launched, which aims to recreate the engine of the game Heroes of Might and Magic II from scratch. The project is coded in C++ and distributed under the license gplv2. Players will need files with game resources from the original Heroes of Might and Magic II game to start playing.

The main changes include:

  • All possible objects can now be placed and saved in the map editor (though the editor is currently unavailable to users).
  • Special dialogue windows have been implemented to conveniently choose all objects in the editor.
  • New buttons have been added to certain menus, which adapt to the size of the text content.

  • The AI behavior has been fine-tuned at low levels of game difficulty to make it easier to play.
  • The AI now has the ability to surrender in certain situations.
  • The battle results display the surrender status and the remaining troop count to the opponent.

  • Improved decision-making abilities for the AI when it comes to attacking regions, deploying troops, and defending structures. Defenders with special abilities can now counterattack if attacked by shooters and will always attack the nearest enemies.
  • The AI has
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