Chrome OS 121 Released

The stable channel update for Chrome OS 121, based on the Linux core, UPSTART system manager, EBUILD/PORTAGE assembly, and open components of Chrome 121, has been released (source). Chrome OS is an operating system that offers a limited web-browser user environment, utilizing web applications instead of standard programs. Despite this, Chrome OS includes a full-fledged multi-tasking interface, complete with a desktop and taskbar. The source texts of Chrome OS are distributed under the free license Apache 2.0 (source). The Chrome OS 120 assembly is available for the majority of relevant chromebook models (source), while the Chrome OS Flex is designed for use on ordinary computers.

Main changes in Chrome OS 121, as mentioned by the Chromebook community and Google blog, include:

  • Added support for the activation of voice input using the Search + D keyboard combination or a separate button available on some Logitech keyboards. Vulnerability identified as cve-2023-6932 (source)
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