Chasquid 1.13 Offers SMTP Server

A new issue of the SMTP server, Chasquid 1.13, has been presented. Chasquid is designed with a focus on simplicity and safety, making it suitable for standard projects that do not require the flexibility and functionality of Postfix and Exim. The server is written in Go and is available under the Apache 2.0 license.

The main features of Chasquid include:

  • Simplified system settings: The server’s configuration is done through the chasquid.conf file, which contains basic parameters and a set of catalogs for each serviced domain. These catalogs contain files associated with the domain, such as email address-user mappings, database parameters, and TLS certificates. The Chasquid-Util utility is used to create and edit the user base for each domain.
  • Post office filtering and spam elimination: Chasquid uses Khukov, a system that allows the attachment of processors to perform actions at the final stage of receiving a letter. Khukov provides ready-made processors for greylisting, spam blocking using Spamassassin and rspamd, virus filtering through ClamAV, and DKIM verification.
  • Protection against configuration errors that can lead to security issues, such as open relay and open text authentication.
  • A specialized HTTP server for monitoring and debugging the SMTP server.
  • Ready-made packages available for Debian, Ubuntu, and Arch Linux.
  • Integration with the IMAP server Dovecot for user authentication.
  • Support for virtual mail domains with their own users and redirections.
  • Support for address filtering, such as processing “User+ToMain” as “User@Domain”.
  • Support for smtputf8: Chasquid supports the use of national alphabets in email addresses, host names, mailbox names, and SMTP headers.
  • Multiple TLS certificate support. The server can process TLS parameters specific to domains and protects against connections using less secure TLS settings.
  • Simplified certificate system through
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