$2K for Conscious Dreams: Smart Rim Halo Coming Soon

Prophetic announced the release of the Halo non -invasive neural device designed to call conscious dreams. For the first time, the gadget became known last year, while the company’s statements about the imminent issue of the device make it clear that the manufacturer is going according to plan.

Startup promises users unprecedented control over their dreams. The principle of operation in an innovative head rim is as follows: it uses electroencephalography (EEG) to record the electrical activity of the brain and determine the moment of entering the rapid sleep phase, as well as functional magnetic resonance imaging (FMR) to determine the activity of the brain by measuring blood flow.

At the most suitable moment, the rim stimulates brain activity using high -frequency sound signals (ultrasound) and allows you to go into a state of conscious sleep.

Eric Volllberg, Executive Director and co -founder of Prophetic, in the recently released demonstration video said that the user will not need take any action to induction of clear dreams, this will happen automatically while wearing a rim.

Official promotional material Prophetic

qualified experts are still skeptical of new technology: they are not sure of the long -term consequences of such experiments and warn that the use of ultrasound to stimulate the brain can negatively affect the ability to process short -term memories.

Professor Mark Blagrow, a dream researcher from the Sleep Laboratory at the University of Sunsy, emphasizes that people rarely see conscious dreams, and there are certain reasons for this. An unconscious state is necessary for a more effective brain recreation, when, as a deliberate intervention in this process, it can lead to a distorted perception of reality, which is fraught with nightmares and even sleepy paralysis.

Nevertheless, many people do not care at all, and they are ready to do anything for the sake of conscious dreams. So, in the summer of last year, a native of Novosibirsk and a popularizer of conscious dreams Mikhail Raduga drilled his head to put a special implant into it and learn to manage dreams.

In the meantime, Prophetic has already opened an acceptance of applications for beta testing of her Halo rim. Priority is given to those who made preliminary deposit for a device of $ 100, while the full cost of the new item will be about $ 2000. It should go on open sale in 2025.

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