Debian Releases 12.5 and 11.9 Updates

DEBIAN 12.5 Release
The fifth correcting update of the DEBIAN 12 distribution has been released, incorporating accumulated packet updates and installer corrections. This release includes 68 updates addressing stability problems and 42 updates addressing vulnerabilities. Notable changes in Debian 12.5 include updates to fresh stable versions of DPDK, Mariadb, Postfix, Qemu, Systemd, and Xen. Additionally, Cryptsetup-initramfs now supports compressed kernel modules.

To install the DEBIAN 12.5 release “from scratch,” installation assemblies are available on the Debian website. Existing installations that are still supported will receive updates through the standard update installation system. Users can access the security updates included in Debian 12.5 from

DEBIAN 11.9 Release
The new release of the previous stable branch, DEBIAN 11.9, is now available. It includes 70 updates to resolve stability issues and 92 updates addressing vulnerabilities. The update incorporates fresh stable versions of DPDK, MariaDB-10.5, NVIDIA-GRAPHICS-DRIVERS, Postfix, and PostgreSQL-13 packages. Notably, the updates no longer include vulnerability fixes for Chromium, Tor, Consul, Xen components, and Samba components that relate to the domain controller’s functionality. Furthermore, the GIMP-DDS package has been removed from the repository as its contents have been included in the main composition of GIMP 2.10.
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