New Releases: Wine 9.2 and Winlator 5.0, NTSYNC Driver for Linux

Wine 9.2 Release: Experimental Open Implementation of Win32 API

The release of Wine 9.2 marks the arrival of the latest version of the open implementation of Win32 API. Following the release of version 9.1, this version has closed 14 errors and made 213 changes.

Key Changes in Wine 9.2

  • The engine wine mono has been updated to release for implementing the .NET platform.
  • The system tray support has been improved.
  • Exceptions on ARM platforms have been enhanced.
  • The macro YEAR2038 has been involved in the assembly for using a 64-bit type Time_t.
  • Work with the cursor in the driver WineWayland.drv has been improved.
  • Errors related to the games Elite Dangerous, Epic Games Launcher 15.21.0, LancMander, and Kodu have been fixed.
  • Errors related to applications Quick32705.21, Digikam, DolphinEmulator, Windows Sysinternals Explorer 17.05, and Microsoft WebView2 Installer have been resolved.

In addition, the release of the Android application winlator 5.0 has been announced. It provides a strapping over Wine and emulators box86/box64, enabling Windows applications to run on the Android platform. Winlator unfolds Linux buttons based on Ubuntu with Mesa3d, dx

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