Philippine Authorities Demand Urgent Briefing on China Cyber Attack

The authorities of the Philippines have reported successfully repelling cyber attacks allegedly carried out by hackers from China. The incident occurred amidst calls from lawmakers for an urgent meeting to address national security concerns.

The attacks targeted several state agencies, including the coast guard, the Cabinet of Ministers, the Ministry of Justice, the National Coastal System, the Department of Information and Communication Technologies (DICT), and even the President, Ferdinand Marcosa-Younger.

In a statement, Renato Parasiso, a representative from DICT, revealed that the IP addresses of the attackers were traced back to China, specifically using the services of the state operator, Unicom. Parasiso emphasized that this information is not an attempt to formally accuse Beijing, but rather a request for assistance from the Chinese government to help prevent future attacks.

The speaker of the House of Representatives, Martin Romualdez, asserted that the alleged cyber attacks, believed to be carried out by Chinese hackers, are a matter of national security and public interest. He stressed the significance of the incident and called for an immediate and comprehensive response.

Romualdez urged DICT and other relevant authorities to provide a detailed briefing to the House of Representatives. This briefing should focus on the nature and scale of the cyber attacks, measures in place to prevent future incidents, and strategies to enhance cybersecurity infrastructure.

The speaker proposed that the hearing be conducted transparently to ensure accountability and maintain the integrity of the government’s digital infrastructure, as well as safeguarding the security and confidentiality of citizens.

These attacks occur amid a tense relationship between the Philippines and China, particularly in relation to territorial disputes in the South China Sea. It is worth noting that in 2016, the Arbitration Court ruled in favor of the Philippines, recognizing its rights over China’s claims. Additionally, in 2022, a campaign involving the use of USB devices to gain physical access to systems located in the Philippines was uncovered by IB-company Mandiant.


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