$20M: World Loses Money Every Minute Without Internet

Impact of Internet Disconnection on Global Economy and Tech Companies

In a world where sites and online business work around the clock, even a short-term disconnection of the Internet can seriously hit finance. This is especially critical for large technological companies that serve millions of customers. By data from the study PCMAG and Netblocks, only one minute without the Internet can cost large companies millions of dollars.

Although the full global Internet failure is unlikely, the consequences of such an event could be financially catastrophic. PCMAG magazine calculated the potential impact of a global internet failure on the world economy, individual countries, and large technological companies.

According to estimates, one minute of complete disconnection of the Internet will cost the world economy more than $20 million. The biggest losses will be suffered by:

  • USA – $7.6 million;
  • China – $6.8 million;
  • Great Britain – $2.2 million;
  • Japan – $1.8 million;
  • Germany – $1 million.

In one day, these figures can reach hundreds of millions, and for several to several billion dollars. If the failure lasted a year, losses could amount to trillions of dollars, particularly for the United States ($4 trillion).

Assessment of financial losses from one minute of Internet disconnection by countries:

CountryLosses (in

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