China Introduces Demolition Drones in USA

Cybersecurity Agency and FBI Warn of Chinese Drones Threat to Critical Infrastructure

The Cybersecurity Agency and Infrastructure Protection (CISA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) have issued a joint warning, stating that Chinese drones can be used to collect information about critical infrastructure of different countries. The US authorities are concerned that China can exploit drones to identify vulnerabilities in security systems and plan future cyber attacks. CISA and FBI also highlight the risks associated not only with data transfer, but also with firmware updates and connected peripheral devices such as docking stations. The statement does not mention specific brands. [source]

According to the agencies, China has expanded the legal grounds for access and data control through the adoption of laws by Chinese companies worldwide. The use of Chinese-produced drones in critical infrastructure operations creates a risk of disclosing sensitive information to the Chinese authorities.

CISA and FBI suggest a variety of recommendations to ensure the safety of drones. These include considering drones as Internet of Things (IoT) devices, using individual systems for loading and checking the safety of firmware and updates, as well as adopting a security policy at the development stage. [source]

US Law Prohibits the Use of Chinese Drones citing National Security Concerns

Amid concerns about espionage by China using drones, a new law has been enacted in the United States that prohibits all authorities from using drones produced in China. The law aims to protect national security and personal data of Americans. Senators have accused China of engaging in spying and propaganda activities. [source]

In 2020, DJI was included in the list of prohibited organizations by the US Department of Trade. In 2021, the Pentagon

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