Chinese Defense Introduces Star Wars-Inspired Plasma Shield

Chinese scientists from the leading military-technological scientific institution of the country have recently announced a groundbreaking development in protective technology. This new technology resembles the energy shields commonly seen in science fiction works, providing an invisible barrier of electrically charged ions. The primary purpose of this shield is to protect military equipment, including drones and rockets, from powerful microwave attacks.

According to the scientists, the shield must activate instantly during an enemy radiation attack and strengthen its resistance with each subsequent attack. Modern technologies are currently vulnerable to powerful microwaves, which have the potential to cause significant damage to the electronics. However, with the development of this new technology, sensitive equipment can now survive even the most powerful microwave radiation.

The team behind this breakthrough is the Chen Zunshen team from the State Laboratory of Impulse Laser Technologies of the National University of Defense Technologies. They have successfully created a “low-temperature plasma shield” that can protect sensitive circuits from electromagnetic attacks with a capacity of up to 170 kW at a distance of 3 meters. Laboratory tests have confirmed the viability of this innovative technology.

The motivation for this study partially stems from pressure from the United States. The US military has been actively utilizing missiles with microwave warheads, which prompted the development of countermeasures by Chinese researchers. China’s military industry is also focused on developing microwave weapons of superhuminal power to attack distant targets like high-rise drones or low-orbited satellites.

The plasma energy shield presents a revolutionary approach to protecting sensitive chips. Instead of directly opposing destructive electromagnetic attacks, it strategically transforms the energy of the attack into protective power. The team, led by Professor Chan, has mathematically proven that their strategy does not violate the basic laws of physics. Additionally, practical tests have been carried out using a small amount of electric energy to create a stable plasma layer.

When the attacking electromagnetic waves with charged particles make contact, the particles instantly absorb the energy of the waves and enter an active state. The plasma acts as a mirror, reflecting the majority of the energy, while avalanche-shaped charged particles suppress any penetrating waves.

The development of this energy shield poses a significant challenge for Chinese researchers. Not only does it need to effectively protect the target, but it must also allow the passage of low-energy electromagnetic waves, such as radio waves for signal transmission. These challenges will need to be addressed in the future, but this technology shows promising potential.

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