China Deploys AI to Track US Agents in Beijing

China Strengthens Intelligence Operations with Artificial Intelligence
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BEIJING – The Ministry of State Security of China (MGB) has developed an artificial intelligence (AI) system to enhance its intelligence operations, according to a report by The New York Times. The system, which is being used in the embassy district of Beijing, allows the MGB to track and analyze the behavior of foreign diplomats, military officers, and scouts.

The need for the AI system arose during the pandemic when Chinese spies expressed dissatisfaction with the limitations of existing surveillance systems. They requested a program that could generate instant dossiers and analyze the behavioral patterns of individuals of interest, including their networks and potential vulnerabilities. The MGB suggested integrating data from various sources, such as databases and surveillance cameras, which would include information on car numbers, mobile phone data, and contact details.

The AI profiles created through this system enable Chinese agents to effectively select and monitor their targets, gaining valuable insights into their activities. This development highlights the MGB’s ambitions to compete with leading intelligence agencies around the world.

In response to China’s advancements, the United States has significantly increased its intelligence efforts in the country since the beginning of the Biden administration. The expenses allocated to intelligence activities in China have doubled, reflecting the growing tension between the two countries in the realm of intelligence and technology.

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