After FBI search in Donald Trump’s residence, Republicans shout at plot

Following the police operation carried out in his residence in Mar-A-Lago, the ex-president is encouraged by his supporters to announce his candidacy for 2024.


For once, Donald Trump did not exaggerate. “Nothing like this has ever happened to an American president,” he complained in a statement on Monday August 8, a few hours after the “raid of a large number” of FBI agents in his “beautiful residence from Mar-A-Lago to Palm Beach “, in Florida. In the opinion of the historians, the search of the federal police in the residence, even if it is vacation, a president or former president has not, in fact, known as a precedent. The interpretation that the ex-president is clear is clear: the “radical left seeks to [the] prevent [s] e to present in 2024”.

In terms of protection of national archives, the chronicle has well retained a few lawsuits for offenses to the law, targeting the ex-advisor of President Bill Clinton Sandy Berger, or the former general of the American army David Petraeus , who will be condemned for having disclosed documents classified to his partner.

But nothing as heavy as the search of Monday, at a time when the republican party is on the defensive on the political field, and more than ever obsessed with Mr. Trump: his possible candidacy for 2024, his Role of troublemaker in the primaries, his actions during the insurrection of January 6, 2021, his tax declarations (last episode of the soap: the Court of Appeal of the District of Columbia estimated, Tuesday, August, that the Congress was entitled to access it; the Supreme Court must rule).

And even her toilets, since Maggie Haberman, the political journalist of the New York Times, posted on Monday, in the forefront of a book of revelations announced for October, two photos showing pieces of torn papers floating in a basin. Where we clearly distinguish the writing in the black stabilo of Donald Trump, already known for his propensity to make confetti of documents, including officials …

political storm

In the August scorching landscape, the search caused a political storm, obscuring what was to be the event of the day: the second post-Cavid outing of Joe Biden, in order to promote the law, approved by the Two parties, allowing the investment of $ 200 billion in the manufacture of semiconductors in the United States. The president signed the law before the White House, not without coughing several times. He did not have a word for the search of the FBI. His spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre said he had not been warned of the operation. If it had been, commentators pointed out, he would not have chosen such a telescoping of “news”, while he hopes to change the perception of his assessment, less than three months from the mid- mandate.

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