Mali receives new military equipment from Russia

Hunting and recognition planes, attack helicopters: no information has been made public on their purchase conditions, but 420 million euros were lifted by Bamako on the sub-regional market.

Le Monde with AFP

Mali received, Tuesday, August 9, new military equipment delivered by its Russian partner, noted an AFP journalist on Tuesday in Bamako, and announced that it has lifted nearly 420 million euros on the sub-market regional.

In his speech, the Minister of Malian Defense, Sadio Camara, one of the strong men of the regime, praised the “win-win partnership with the Russian Federation” during an official ceremony in the presence of Russian diplomats and Colonel Assimi Goïta, the president of the transition.

Colonels, who took power by force in August 2020 in this country in full security turmoil, decided to separate from the old French ally against the jihadists since 2013 and to ardently relaunch cooperation with Russia .

Russia had already delivered several combat helicopters and weapons in March. Mali has welcomed in large numbers what the junta presents as Russian instructors.

Western partners denounce the appeal of the junta to the services of the Russian Russian Safety Company Wagner, to the actions decried. The junta denies and speaks of ancient partnership with the Russian army. Russia had admitted in May a presence of Wagner in Mali “on a commercial basis”.

“Historical ceremony”

“I must say that the ceremony of today is historic, both by nature, the quality as by the volume of what you give us, of which we will only exhibit part, the rest being Of course engaged in operation when this ceremony is held, “said Camara. “We consolidate our capacity for recognition and attack with L39 and Sukhoi 25 fighter planes, which are added to the Super Tucano and other devices already in endowment. As well as the Mi24P type attack helicopters, which ‘Add to MI35 and MI24 already delivered, “he added. No information has been made public as to the conditions for acquiring this equipment.

Mali has been immersed in turmoil since 2012. The jihadist propagation, first confined to the north of the country, spread in the center and then the south of the country, as well as to Burkina Faso and Niger Voisins.

Bamako was also sanctioned for six months by its West African neighbors for not having respected its electoral commitments. These economic and financial sanctions, which had a considerable effect on the economy, were lifted in early July after the presentation of an electoral calendar setting the next presidential election to 2024.

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