Google has expanded program for stimulating identification of vulnerabilities in Linux nucleus

Google announced on the expansion of the initiative to pay monetary remuneration for Identification of vulnerabilities in the Linux nucleus. The maximum amount of payment for a new vulnerability and the creation of a working exploit on its basis is increased from 91 to 133 thousand dollars. In addition to the previously applied environment KCTF (Kubernetes Capture the Flag), new surroundings based on attempts. The last stable branch of the usual Linux nucleus and based on the nucleus branch, which includes additional patches to block standard ones Exclites work methods.

For the creation of exploites that affect the environment with a fresh stable breech of the nucleus, an additional reward of $ 21 thousand is paid. For hacking the encirclement with advanced protection measures, another 21 thousand dollars can be paid. It is noted that the proposed extended protection measures can block 9 out of 10 vulnerabilities received last year and 10 out of 13 claiming to receive exploit rewards.

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