National Assembly: limits of parliamentary revival

At a time when Parliament closes its doors for summer holidays, the various actors who animated the session all have a good reason to rejoice. Although put in the minority on several occasions, the government has managed to vote the three main texts it had presented, without moving too much away from their original version. The right, which had curled the disqualification after the score of Valérie Pécresse in the presidential election (4.78 % of the votes cast), demonstrated its usefulness by harshly negating its support for the executive; The extreme right, in search of notableization, invested without making too many waves some of the key bodies of the National Assembly (vice-president, parliamentary delegation to intelligence); The new Ecological and Social Popular Union (Nuts) settled without breaking in radical opposition to Emmanuel Macron. At the opening of the 16 legs, no one gave dearly from the outcome of this return in force of the Parliament imposed by the result of the legislative elections of June. Everyone quickly found their marks.

If the actors are satisfied, the observers are struck by two facts: the first, positive, is the revitalization of the political debate, in a hemicycle which has the advantage of representing, much better than in recent years, The different sensitivities that cross French society. The risk of cut between national representation and the real country is thus minimized.

The second fact, more problematic, however, nuance the first: parliamentarians and the government are exhausted from this month of debates punctuated by countless suspensions of session and white nights. If the oppositions have obtained the satisfaction of perpetually putting the executive on the breach and breaking the verticality of the previous mandate, the modifications they obtained are not up to the time spent or the energy deployed to defend them .

the great absent from the debates

What do the French expect from their representatives? Whether they stage their differences to better exorcise them, or that they act effectively in the face of the unprecedented sum of problems that will arise at the start of the school year: risk of electricity shortage, threat of recession, manifest acceleration of global warming Who obliges to reconsider from top to bottom most of our behavior? To this question, each group will have to answer in the most realistic way possible, failing which the proclaimed renewal of parliament will only be a straw fire.

It is disturbing to note that the environmental question was systematically underestimated in the debates, while all the signals were there, of the flambé of fuel prices in the burning summer, to remind everyone that she stands out as absolute urgency.

Presented as a victory torn by the deputies, the abandonment of the extraordinary session of September, which had been a moment envisaged by the government to accelerate decisions in the development of renewable energies and labor market reform, Only one will only be one if this time is used to establish essential compromises upstream. Otherwise, the National Assembly takes the risk of becoming the place where time stops. It will be discredited and again marginalized.

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