Beijing withdraws from negotiations with Washington on climate

China multiplies reprisal measures after the visit of the American official Nancy Pelosi on the island of Taiwan.


Four days after Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, China continues to deploy a reprisal arsenal. Friday, August 5, Beijing announced its withdrawal from several cooperation subjects with the United States, notably on the repatriation of illegal migrants, drug trafficking, but also the climate. A decision deemed “irresponsible” by Washington, who believes that Beijing surrees to the visit of M Me pelosi. The president of the House of Representatives is the highest American dignitary to have gone to Taiwan for twenty-five years, an affront for Beijing, which claims its sovereignty on the island, independent and democratic.

Beijing has also announced more symbolic sanctions against M me pelosi and his family, and continues, since August 4, large -scale military exercises around Taiwan. Thursday, at least a Chinese missile flew over the island, a rare provocation. On Saturday, August 6, the Taiwanese authorities announced that they have detected “multiple” Chinese planes and ships in the Taiwan Strait, between the island and the continental China. “Some of them have crossed the midline” which cuts the strait in two, and “are considered to lead a simulation of attack on the main island of Taiwan,” said the Taiwanese Ministry of Defense.

rare subject of collaboration

In a tense diplomatic climate between Beijing and Washington, the fight against global warming was one of the rare subjects of collaboration between the first two world powers, which are also the first greenhouse gas transmitters. “China does not only punish the United States, it punishes the whole world, because climate change has no geographic limits or borders,” said the White House spokesman for National Security Affairs , John Kirby. Friday, by the voice of his spokesperson, the Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, for his part, estimated “impossible” to solve the “most pressing problems in the world” without “a dialogue and cooperation Effective “between China and the United States.

Already badly since the presidency (2017-2021) of Donald Trump, Sino-American relations have currently experienced their most serious crisis since the 1990s. At the time, China had drawn missiles towards Taiwan For several months after the Taiwanese president’s visit to the United States, until the Americans send two aircraft carriers to sail in the Strait. Today, the balance of power between the two powers is more balanced, and Beijing intends to mark the occasion to discourage other states from strengthening their relationships with Taiwan. China is also withdrawing from other important dialogues, in terms of military cooperation, the fight against crime and drug trafficking, while the synthetic opioid crisis in the United States is partly fueled by Chinese laboratories.

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