Bollywood actor photos put India in turmoil

Ranveer Singh portraits in the simplest device have triggered a controversy in a very conservative country. After two complaints, the police opened an investigation for obscenity.


Half of the face in the shade, Ranveer Singh, one of the most prominent Bollywood celebrities, fixes the camera. His deep gaze hooks the spectator. Sitting on a carpet, entirely naked, his body takes shape on a gray background, without ever revealing his cock. On another photo, the actor abandons himself and shows himself, lying on his stomach, his eyes always riveted on the lens. There follows a series in which he poses, in underwear this time, his black cascade hair, recalling the aesthetics of the Greek statuary.

These photographs, published in the New-York quarterly Paper Magazine and published on the Instagram account of the star , on July 22, caused an avalanche of reactions, from praise to indignation through mockery. The Mumbai police even opened an investigation on July 26 for obscenity and infringement of the modesty of women – articles of law dating from the Victorian era – after the filing of two complaints, one by an NGO little known , Shyam mangaram foundation, and the other by Vedika Chaubey, a lawyer.

Since this publication, the Indians have not ended up mourning the images of the flamboyant celebrity. The creation of Adam, the famous fresco of Michelangelo painted on the ceiling of the Vatican Sistine Chapel, was thus diverted by Internet users to represent Ranveer Singh in place of the biblical character.

Others have fun covering the silhouette of the husband of Deepika Padukone, the famous Indian actress and member of the jury of the 75 e edition of the Cannes festival, of objects Various and varied: a plaid, a scooter, vegetables … In the center of the country, residents even organized a collection of clothing for the star. 2>

fifty years after Burt Reynolds 2>

Ranveer Singh nudes are a tribute to the American actor Burt Reynolds. The sex symbol of the 1970s also posed undressed, in the April 1972 issue of Cosmopolitan. At the time, the series of photos, conceptualized by Helen Gurley Brown, the chief editor of the magazine, aimed to overthrow the eyes by having a naked man for lactors and thus to mark “an important step in the sexual revolution” .

Fifty years later, the stylist and artistic director Kshitij Kankaria imagined, at the end of 2021, staging Ranveer Singh in the same way, because he “is someone who excels in his field and who makes choices eccentric in terms of style, “he told Brut India.

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