Left files two appeals before Constitutional Council against laws on purchasing power

All the parties of the new Ecological and Social People’s Popular Union denounce the monetization of RTT. Europe Ecologie-Les Verts and La France Insoumise also rise against measures deemed harmful to the environment.

Le Monde with AFP

Failing to obtain the case in Parliament on the defense of purchasing power, the left wants to fight the government before the Constitutional Council. Deputies of the new Ecological and Social People’s People’s Popular Union (Nuts) filed, Friday, August 5, appeal against the two texts of the legislative package adopted by the National Assembly and the Senate, by denouncing measures contrary to “several principles” and “constitutional values”. The institution has a month to rule.

The first of these appeals, on the initiative of the whole NUPS, concerns the amending finance bill, ratified Thursday, and against which she voted. Communists, socialists, environmentalists and “rebellious” attack, in a press release, the “monetization of days of recovery of working time”, believing that the amendment concerned constitutes a “budget rider”. The expression designates a measure which does not directly relate to public finances but is still integrated into a finance bill. As such, according to the applicants, he should fall under “the censorship of the Constitutional Council”.

is also pointed out the “abolition of the audiovisual fee” since the proposed compensatory financing system, the allocation of part of the VAT, “does not say, according to them, to ensure the security of the financing of establishments “Audiovisuals. The deputies generally denounce a law which “ignores the principle of budgetary sincerity due to the chronic and manifest undervaluation of the forecasts of revenue”.

“common heritage”

On the other hand, only the groups La France Insoumise and Europe Ecologie-les Verts filed a second appeal, against the bill on emergency measures for the protection of purchasing power, adopted on Wednesday. In a press release sent to the France-Presse agency, they believe that “several provisions of this bill promoting the development of fossil fuels are a serious and manifest involvement to the objective, with constitutional value, of environmental protection , common heritage of human beings “.

The text in question mentions among others the possibility of reactivating coal -fired power plants in the event of a threat to the security of electricity supply, and the commissioning of a methanier terminal in Le Havre. To denounce these measures, the applicants are based on the environment charter adopted in 2004, integrated since 2005 in the preamble to the Constitution. During the examination of the bill, communists, environmentalists and “rebellious” had voted against, but the socialists had abstained.

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