Gaza: at least seven dead and 40 injured in an Israeli strike

A child and a leader of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad group were killed, according to the health authorities of Gaza. The Israeli army had announced earlier in the day being “hitting the Gaza Strip” and targeting this Palestinian organization.

Le Monde with AFP

A leader of the Islamic Palestinian armed group was killed on Friday August 5 in an Israeli strike on the Gaza Strip, the organization announced in a statement. “The Islamic jihad movement in Palestine and its armed branch The al-Quods brigades mourn the death of the great jihadist commander Tayseer al-Jabari” in the city of Gaza, reported the armed group.

The Israeli army had announced earlier in the day being “hitting the Gaza Strip” and targeting this organization in new raids on the Palestinian enclave. A five -year -old child and five other people were also killed, according to Palestinian health authorities. Forty people were also injured.

“The enemy sparked a war against our people and we must collectively defend ourselves and defend our people, we will not allow our enemy’s politics to undermine our resistance,” Palestinian Islamic Jihad reacted in a press release . Palestinian witnesses and sources of security told the France-Presse (AFP) agency to have seen several strikes, including one in the center of the city of Gaza.

arrest of a chief on Monday, Closing of borders Tuesday 2>

These raids occur after the arrest on Monday of an Islamic jihad chief in occupied West Bank, Bassem Saadi. The Israeli authorities feared attacks in retaliation from the Gaza Strip, enclave controlled by Hamas Islamists where Islamic jihad is well established.

Shortly before the strikes, Israeli Minister of Defense Benny Gantz said that Israeli forces “were preparing for any action to be taken on all fronts, in the northern, center and south of southern regions ‘Israel “. “To our enemies, and particularly to the officials of Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic jihad, I would like to insist: your time is counted. The threat [on the south of Israel] will be eliminated in one way or another,” -Al said, according to a press release.

The Israeli army had ordered Tuesday the closure of border passages, forcing thousands of Gazaouis, holders of work permit in Israel, to stay at home. This closure has slowed down the delivery of diesel, generally transported by truck from Egypt or Israel and necessary to supply the Gaza power plant. This unique power plant may close due to a lack of fuel, had warned its director on Thursday.

About fifty people normally leaving the enclave for care daily, have also been affected, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). The Hebrew state has imposed a strict blockade in Gaza since 2007, an enclave of 2.3 million inhabitants undermined by poverty and unemployment. Israel and armed groups of Gaza have delivered several wars, including the last date of May 2021. The last strikes of Israel on Gaza dated July 19. The Israeli army had targeted a position of Hamas after a shot from the enclave.

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