Christian Barbier, journalist and great voice from Europe 1, died

Christian Espitalier of his real name, Christian Barbier notably presented the program “Barbier de Nuit”. He died Thursday at 82 years old.

Le Monde with AFP

Christian Barbier, great voice of Europe 1, died Thursday August 4 at the age of 82, announced the radio on its website.

“From 1967 to 1998, the host had presented programs, especially in the second part of the evening, such as” Night Barbier “, which marked several generations”, recalled the station.

“Rip Christian Barbier the unforgettable voice that helped me fall asleep when I was a teenager with his legendary” night barbier “on Europe 1”, reacted the host Florian Gazan On Twitter .

Christian Espitalier of his real name, Christian Barbier had also animated “La Nuit is ours”, the “Club Kriter” or “Enter without hitting”, simultaneously broadcast on television, on antenna 2.

For the credits of his programs, Christian Barbier (homonym of the actor dead in 2009) used the whistled melody of where the rainbow ends of the Tony Hiller Orchestra, who also marked the Memoirs.

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