Postponement of second dose of vaccine against variole of monkey arouses controversy

The Ministry of Health decided, Thursday, to extend the spacing between the first and the second dose of Imvansne, without visibility on the moment when eligible people can hope for complete protection against the disease.


Problem of doses or organization availability? The decision of the Ministry of Health, Thursday, August 4, to extend the spacing between the first and the second dose of vaccine against the variolate of the monkey arouses questions in certain experts and in the associative world.

If the meetings already made should not be canceled, according to the ministry, how will it happen for those not having sesame? Since the start of vaccination, late May, the period between two doses has been twenty-eight days. From now on, second dose meetings “can be scheduled later in the progress of the vaccination campaign”. No details, therefore, on the maximum period authorized by the authorities to obtain complete protection against the disease.

An exception is however planned. “Patients whose second dose would be assessed as priority by a doctor for health reasons, treatment or their exposure will obviously benefit from appointments,” said the ministry, in particular immunocompromised people, for whom a third dose is already proposed.

“Limited doses offer” in the United Kingdom

The associations quickly went up to the niche to denounce a very different reality on the ground. “Many people have seen their appointment for their second dose to be canceled, without any explanation, alerted the association AIDES on Thursday. It is not acceptable and the appointments must be honored. “Aid also insists that” people whose life courses or life or life Their practices distance them from the health system must also have a systematic meeting for the second dose “, citing sex workers, as well as people in great precariousness.

Why such a choice of the authorities? The objective is clearly to vaccinate with at least one dose as many people as possible in the eligible population, that is to say men with sex with men (HSH) and trans people with multiple sexual partners , sex workers and health professionals. This approach is already practiced in the United Kingdom “due to the limited dose offer”, explains the British health security agency . A situation envisaged from July 7 by the High Authority for Health (has) which wrote in its opinion :” in case of vaccine supply tension, has (…) considers that the administration of the second dose can be deferred for several weeks if necessary. “

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