“With Putin, we would have already struck Taiwan”: disappointment of Chinese ultra -nationalists

White heated by the bellicose speeches of Chinese leaders and diplomats, Internet users regret that the war against Taiwan has not yet taken place.


The Chinese nationalists believed when the time comes: China, this time, was going to stand straight, without bending the water from the United States. While the information on the arrival of Nancy Pelosi in Taiwan multiplied, Beijing sent strong signals. Between two Chinese flags, in a dark costume, the spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Zhao Lijian, warned: “The People’s Army of Liberation will not remain crossed. And if it dares to come, then we will see … “, He said before sparing a threatening silence.

The editorialist of the global nationalist daily newspaper, Hu Xijin, went further: “Our combat planes should deploy all possible obstruction tactics. If they are ineffective, I think it is O.K. to shoot down the ‘Pelosi plane. “The Chinese army indicated in a statement:” We are ready to bury the invaders. “President Xi Jinping, himself, warned Joe Biden of not” playing with fire “.

Nancy Pelosi finally landed without a hitch aboard a Boeing from the American army in Taipei, the evening of August 2. She assured Tsai Ing-Wen, the president of the democratic and independent island, of the full support of the United States in the face of the threat of China, and continued her Asian tour towards South Korea, less than twenty-four hours later. On the Chinese web, the visit, without direct reaction of Beijing, caused a deluge of frustration on the part of the nationalists, heated to white.

Zhao Lijian, leader of diplomats nicknamed the “wolf combatants” for their aggressiveness to defend the motherland, suffered harsh criticism. “You were doing the hard, to the point that everyone believed that there would be a fight. Hundreds of millions of people were watching their phone, their computer, TV, and the result? So far from what people were waiting for … “, Writes an annoyed internet user. Hu Xijin also takes it for its grade, accused of sensationalism.

Many believed the imminent war

For Chinese Internet users, let M pelosi do your visit without reacting is equivalent to losing face, while many believed the imminent war. The announcement of military exercises all around the island, just after the arrival of the elected democrat, was not enough to appease their disappointment: “You would better save oil, it is expensive at the moment “, quipped one of them. Another answer, taking up the remark of Zhao Lijian: “We will see? We will see China bombing fish?”, In reference to the shots in the waters of the Strait. Some regret not being led by the Russian president, particularly popular in China where the state media largely resume the propaganda of the Kremlin: “With Putin, we would have already struck Taiwan”, writes a fan.

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