Syria: France repatriated a woman and her two children

The mother, of Franco-Moroccan nationality, referred to by an arrest warrant, was arrested upon arrival. His children were taken care of as part of an educational assistance procedure. France had already organized the return of sixteen women and thirty-five minors in July.

Le Monde with AFP

France continues to return from its nationals held in the Syria camps. A woman and her two children were repatriated Monday October 3, the National Anti-Roriste National Prosecutor’s Office (PNAT) said on Tuesday, confirming information from several sources close to the file.

The mother, of Franco-Moroccan nationality, targeted by an arrest warrant, was arrested upon arrival at Le Bourget airport and presented to a Parisian investigating judge, according to the PNAT. His children were taken care of as part of an educational assistance procedure. Solicited, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not comment immediately.

In July, sixteen women and thirty-five miners repatriated

“I am delighted that two children, a very sick one, were repatriated with their mother and escape the worst,” reacted the lawyer for this woman, M e marie dosé, interviewed by AFP. “But the arbitrariness is in full swing: why they and no others? So many children are as sick as this little boy, and some more,” she deplored. “The Elysée explains that the doctrine of the case by case is over and persists in sorting children, and acting in the greatest opacity. And the orphans who have remained in the camps whose repatriation I have been asking for more than three years? France? has just been condemned by the ECHR [European Court of Human Rights] and remains stopped in its inhumanity, “she added.

“We go from the policy of the case by case to that of the draw, it is incomprehensible and scandalous”, for its part reacted the collective of the United Families, which brings together families of French who left in Iraq– Syrian.

On July 5, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced the return to France of sixteen jihadists and thirty-five minors, including seven isolated children. A sudden acceleration of repatriations, while France hitherto carried out a drop-down policy, criticized by women and the UN child’s rights committee.

“examination Attentive “

On September 14, the European Court of Human Rights had condemned France for not having studied requests for repatriation of the families of jihadists, detained in northeast Syria, in camps in camps, Managed by the Kurdish authorities. “In execution of its judgment, the Court specifies that it is the responsibility of the French government to resume examination of the applicants’ requests as soon as possible by surrounding it with the appropriate guarantees against the arbitrariness,” ordered the European body to France, which took “act” of the decision.

The ECHR had been seized by two couples demanding in vain the repatriation of their daughter, two young women companions of jihadists, and their grandchildren. The four applicants argued that this refusal broke the European Convention on Human Rights, a text that the ECHR is responsible for enforcing, notably by exposing their daughter and their grandchildren to “inhuman and degrading treatments”. >

“We did not wait for the ECHR’s decision to move forward,” the government spokesman Olivier Véran reacted. “Each file, each human situation on the merits, is the subject of attentive examination,” he assured, while a hundred women and nearly 250 French children still live in Syrian camps.

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