Cosmic user environment will use iCED instead of GTK

Michael Murphy ( michael aaron murphy ), the leader of the distribution of Pop! _OS and participant in the development of the Redox operating system, told about work on the new version of the user environment Cosmic. Cosmic transforms into a self -sufficient project that does not use Gnome Shell and is developed in the Rust language. The environment is planned to be used in the Pop! _OS distribution, pre -installed on laptops and PC System76.

It is noted that after long discussions and experiments, the developers decided to use the library icy instead of gtk to build an interface. According to the engineers from System76, the ICED library, which has been actively developed recently, has already reached a level sufficient for use as a basis for the user environment. During the experiments, various Cosmic applets were prepared simultaneously on GTK and ICED to compare technologies. The experiments have shown that compared to the GTK, the ICED library provides a more flexible, expressive and understandable API, is naturally combined with the Rust code and offers an architecture familiar to developers familiar with the language of the declarative construction of interfaces ELM .

ICED library is completely written in Rust, uses safe types, modular architecture and model reactive programming Several drawings of the drawing supporting Vulkan, Metal, DX12, Opengl 2.1+ and Opengl ES 2.0+, as well as the window shell and engine for integration with Web. ICED applications can be collected for Windows, MacOS, Linux and launching in the Web browser. Developers are offered a ready -made set of widgets, the ability to create asynchronous handlers and use the adaptive layout of the interface elements depending on the size of the window and screen. Code is distributed under the license Mit.

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