Changes are adopted in Linux 6.1 core that provide support for Rust

Linus Torvalds took in The composition of the Linux 6.1 kernel branch that implement the possibility of using the Rust language as a second language for the development of drivers and nucleus modules. Patches were taken after a year and a half testing in the Linux-Next branch and eliminating the comments stated. The release of the nucleus 6.1 is expected in December. The main support of Rust support is to simplify the writing of safe and high -quality drivers of devices by reducing the probability of making errors when working with memory. RUST support is not active by default and does not lead to RUST to the number of mandatory assembly dependencies to the nucleus.

The nucleus is still adopted by the minimum cut version of patches, which is reduced from 40 to 13 thousand lines of the code and provides only the necessary minimum, sufficient for assembling a simple nucleus module written in Rust. In the future, it is planned to gradually increase the existing functionality by transferring other changes from the branch rust-for-linux . Параллельно развиваются проекты по использованию предложенной инфраструктуры для разработки на языке Rust драйверов накопителей NVMe, network protocol 9P and .

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