In National Assembly, government confirms its support for Ukraine and aims at RN and LFI

Sanctions, armaments, companies in Russia … MPs debated the war in Ukraine on Monday, October 3. The Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne, took the opportunity to underline the “connections” of the national rally and France rebellious with Russia of Vladimir Putin.

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A debate on the war in Ukraine to arouse a moment of “clarification”. On the occasion of the opening of the ordinary session to the National Assembly, Monday, October 3, the presidential majority wanted to highlight the “connections” of the National Rally (RN) and Insoumise France (LFI) with Russia from Vladimir Putin.

turning several times on her right, towards the RN benches, Elisabeth Borne targeted elected officials from the far right, quick to criticize European sanctions against Russia and their consequences on the French economy . “And these penalties displease those who mask their fascination for Russian imperialism by an alleged patriotism, it works,” defended the Prime Minister, who denounced the “simplism” and the “statement of platform” .

In a speech of thirty minutes, M bounded appealed to “continue the sanctions” against the Vladimir Putin regime and mentioned the organization “in the coming months” In Paris of an economic conference on Ukraine to “mobilize French companies” in the reconstruction of the country. 2> Links between the RN and the Kremlin

“Our objective has been the same from the start: to make the cost of war unbearable for Russia, to hit its economy harshly, to prevent it from funding its offensive,” launched the tenant of Matignon, accompanied by several of Her ministers including the head of French diplomacy, Catherine Colonna. “It was Russia that launched this war. It is she who pushes us to act,” said Ms. Borne. While Ukraine manages to make Russian soldiers back on the front in the east of the country, France plans to provide kyiv 6 to 12 additional caesar cannons, which were initially intended for Denmark.

This debate was opened by a story, that of the president of the National Assembly, Yaël Braun-Pivet, returning from a week’s stay in Poland and Ukraine with several deputies. “We have seen the buildings ripped, the dug faces, the broken lives, but we also saw the tremendous resistance of the Ukrainians,” said in front of a half-empty hemicycle M me Braun-Pivet, who met the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenski, during his stay in kyiv.

In line with Elisabeth Borne’s speech, the Renaissance group’s leader in the Assembly, Aurore Bergé, then took the elected officials of RN and LFI. “Not even so long ago, from an extreme part to the other of this hemicycle, we heard the Russian political model was heard,” attacked the deputy of the Yvelines, before launching:

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