Available by Eric Dupond-Moretti and Alexis Kohler: Emmanuel Macron is betting on trivialization of business

The Head of State did not react to the referral of the Keeper of the Seals before the Court of Justice of the Republic or to the indictment of the Secretary General of the Elysée, Monday.


As if nothing had happened. On the road to Berlin, where he was expected for dinner with the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Monday October 3, Emmanuel Macron let the revelations touching his right arm, Alexis Kohler. The all-powerful secretary general of the Elysée was indicted, on September 23, for illegal taking of interests in the investigation into his links with the shipowner MSC, said on Monday the national financial prosecutor, Jean Jean -François Bohnert, confirming information from France Info.

This announcement occurred a few hours after the referral of the Keeper of the Seals, Eric Dupond-Moretti, before the Court of Justice of the Republic (CJR), for illegal taking of interests in administrative surveys diligent against magistrates.

Without a word, the Elysée was content to disseminate the statement of the lawyers of Alexis Kohler, as if to dissociate the setbacks of the High official of the Presidency. “He forcefully disputes that he committed any crime,” they say, stressing that the facts in question can “go back to more than ten years”. The number two of the Elysée was also placed under the status of witness assisted for influence traffic in this file which aims at its family ties with the shipowner led by his mother’s cousins.

At the palace, we pretend that we modestly call “procedural twists and turns” did not change anything. “A normal day,” depicted, on Monday, the deputy secretary general of the Elysée, Pierre-André Imbert.

The Chancellery, an advisor to Eric Dupond-Moretti noted that the cassation appeal formed by the lawyers of the Minister would win “a few months”. The routine continues, but from the outside, the situation appears politically incongruous, if not untenable.

of the “irreproachable republic” to the “Society of denunciation”

She contrasts with the original promise of Emmanuel Macron to turn the page of scandals, he who, in March 2017, was fixed for purpose an “irreproachable republic”. While going to Berlin for his first official trip, in May 2017, a press release from the Elysée reiterated these commitments.

Very quickly, Emmanuel Macron had nuanced his speech. “We have ceased to endure what almost normal seemed in the past, opacity, clientelism, conflicts of interest, all that is an almost intangible form of ordinary corruption, he said before Congress in July in July 2017. However, no one is impeccable because if the requirement must be constant, if we are all depositaries of dignity which suits our functions and that every day requires us, perfection does not exist. “Since then, the Head of exhausted state rather “the society of denunciation” or “generalized suspicion”.

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