Julien Bayou’s ex-partner officially seizes EELV’s internal cell against violence made

m. Bayou resigned last Monday from his post as national secretary of EELV after accusations of psychological violence against his former companion, whom he disputes.

Le Monde with AFP

The former partner of Julien Bayou officially seized, Monday, October 3, the European Ecology-Les Verts (EELV) inquiry against violence against women and wishes to be heard “under certain conditions ensuring security Testimonies, “she said in a statement released by her lawyer.

Saying “constrained and forced by the media tempo that was recently imposed on him in defiance of his mental health”, the former partner of Julien Bayou speaks for the first time on the bottom of the case. She says she seized the EELV cell “to recover her word, speech totally confiscated lately – essentially by men and their accomplices – in defiance of her existence”, added the press release of M e Elodie Tuaillon -Hibon.

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