Release of IceWM 3.0.0 window manager with support support

Available release of a lightweight window manager Icewm 3.0.0 . IceWM provides full control through keyboard combinations, the possibility of using virtual desktop, tasks and menu panels. The window manager sets up through a fairly simple configuration file, it is possible to use the topics of the design. Built -in applets for monitoring CPU, memory, and traffic are available. Several third -party GUI develops separately for setting, sales of the desktop and menu editors. The code is written in C ++ and subject under the license gplv2. The project numbering project (after release 2.9.9 was formed 3.0.0). Nevertheless, a significant innovation is also represented in the branch 3.0-the ability to switch between windows using tabs . The window in IceWM can now include several client windows, switching between which is carried out using tabs. To merge the windows and the formation of the tab, it is enough to drag the heading of one window to the heading of the other window, using the average mouse button when moving the Shift key when moving. For navigation by tabs using the keyboard, you can use ALT+F6 and Alt+Shift+ESC combinations. The tabs are also displayed in the window of the window.

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