Israel is no longer “a partner” for peace, says Mahmoud Abbas at UN General Assembly

Israel has installed “an apartheid regime”, denounced the Palestinian leader, demanding that the Hebrew state accounts for “his massacres” and accusing the international community of “protecting”.

Le Monde with AFP

At the gallery of the United Nations General Assembly, Friday, September 23, the president of the Palestinian authority, Mahmoud Abbas, accused Israel of not “believing in peace”. The 87 -year -old Palestinian leader estimated that Israel undermined “premeditated and deliberately, the solution to two states” and acted in “all impunity” in the occupied territories. A speech denounced by the Israelis.

“This unequivocally proves that Israel does not believe in peace. He wants to impose the status quo by force and aggression. We therefore no longer have an Israeli partner to whom to speak”, he declares. He said that Israel led a colonization campaign in the Palestinian territories and left “total freedom” to his army to kill or excessively use the force against the Palestinians. “It is an apartheid regime,” he said, demanding that Israel accounts for “its massacres” and accusing the international community of “protecting” the Hebrew state. The Palestinian leader has further reiterated his call for Israel to be translated before the International Criminal Court.

“President Abbas uses the UN as a platform to encourage hatred against Israel, while glorifying the terrorists he finances himself, replied the permanent representative of Israel to the UN , Gilad Erdan. With a rant filled with lies and completely detached from reality, he once again proven his absolute uselessness. “

The day before, at the tribune of the General Assembly, the Israeli Prime Minister, Yaïr Lapid, had affirmed that “a large majority of Israelis supported this vision of the solution to two states and [that it was] One of them. We only have a condition: that a future Palestinian state is peaceful “.

In his speech on Wednesday at the UN on Wednesday, the American president, Joe Biden, also renewed his support for the creation of a Palestinian State, but without announcing a specific initiative to relaunch negotiations. Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations have stalled since 2014.

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